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I'm trying to upload my .doc file, which I created with Amazon, but it won't upload!

  • Try saving the file as a pdf and uploading. 


I uploaded a file that I want to delete.  How do I do that?

  • Currently, applicants cannot delete their own files.  You may either contact HR, or Tech Support via the help link below.


I have another technical question which wasn't answered here.

  • CandidateCare™ is compatible in most internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and IE10 or above. Most issues are resolved if you try an alternate browser. Still having trouble? When contacting support, please provide as much information about what you are experiencing. What internet browser and version are you using? Are you receiving an error message and if so, what does it say?
    • Please include the full URL (web address) of the page with the problem
    • What internet browser are you using? (eg. Internet Explorer 8, Safari 2, Firefox 24, Chrome 31)
    • If any errors were displayed, please copy and paste the text and any numbers they contain
    • Include a screen shot of the page and any error messages
    • There are some other things you can do to help us:
    • See if the same thing happens when you use a different browser or computer
    • See if the problem happens every time or only sometimes

Then email or call us  1-866-342-4280 with the information so that we can resolve your problem.

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